PLEASE NOTE: This document applies to an unreleased version of Rook. It is strongly recommended that you only use official releases of Rook, as unreleased versions are subject to changes and incompatibilities that will not be supported in the official releases.


    The Rook NFS operator is deprecated

    Rook can be installed on any existing Kubernetes cluster as long as it meets the minimum version and Rook is granted the required privileges (see below for more information).

    Minimum Version

    Kubernetes v1.16 or higher is supported for the NFS operator.

    Bootstrapping Kubernetes

    Rook will run wherever Kubernetes is running. Here are a couple of simple environments to help you get started with Rook.

    • Minikube: A single-node cluster, simplest to get started
    • Kubeadm: One or more nodes for more comprehensive deployments