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We are using MkDocs with the Material for MkDocs theme.

Markdown Extensions

Thanks to the MkDocs Material theme we have certain "markdown syntax extensions" available:

For a whole list of features Reference - Material for MkDocs.

Local Preview

To locally preview the documentation, you can run the following command (in the root of the repository):

make docs-preview

When previewing, now you can navigate your browser to to open the preview of the documentation.


Should you encounter a command not found error while trying to preview the docs for the first time on a machine, you probably need to install the dependencies for MkDocs and extensions used: pip3 install -r build/release/requirements_docs.txt. Make sure that your Python binary path is included in your PATH.

Making docs

helm-docs is a tool that generates the documentation for a helm chart automatically. If there are changes in the helm chart, the developer needs to run make docs (to run helm-docs) and check in the resulting autogenerated files. To make it easy to check locally for uncommitted changes generated by make docs, an additional make target exists: simply running make check-docs will run the docs auto-generation and will complain if this produces uncommitted changes to doc files. It is therefore a good habit to always run make check-docs locally before creating or updating a PR.