PLEASE NOTE: This document applies to v1.8 version and not to the latest stable release v1.9

    Admission Controller

    An admission controller intercepts requests to the Kubernetes API server prior to persistence of the object, but after the request is authenticated and authorized.

    Enabling the Rook admission controller is recommended to provide an additional level of validation that Rook is configured correctly with the custom resource (CR) settings.

    Quick Start

    To deploy the Rook admission controllers we have a helper script that will automate the configuration.

    This script will help us achieve the following tasks

    1. Creates certificate using cert-manager.
    2. Creates ValidatingWebhookConfig and fills the CA bundle with the appropriate value from the cluster.

    Run the following commands:

    kubectl create -f deploy/examples/crds.yaml -f deploy/examples/common.yaml

    Now that the Secrets have been deployed, we can deploy the operator:

    kubectl create -f deploy/examples/operator.yaml

    At this point the operator will start the admission controller Deployment automatically and the Webhook will start intercepting requests for Rook resources.